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Photo courtesy to Leah Yetter.
Photo courtesy to Leah Yetter Photography.
  • Beyond the Cowboy Hat

    October 8, 2019 9:59pm by

    There are people in this world you know are special without even meeting them. You envision a silhouette of them, predict how tall they are, what their voice would sound like among other characteristics only visible from the outside. But that’s just the surface, deep down there’s much more. Without even knowing a person, it… Read more

  • Through the lens

    September 23, 2019 4:04pm by

    This weekend I was glued to the bleachers in Wheatland, Wyoming where I was able to watch my brother’s last Wyoming High School Rodeo for the fall season. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to snap some action shots of the young athletes, while looking around for the optimal feature photo. “Fall Mornings” features… Read more

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